We invite You to Share the Success in ASEAN.

We proudly present our One-Stop ICT Platform for Retailers & Restaurants, equipping with top Japanese quality, to our partners in ASEAN region through our unique Franchise System.

TO enhance success in ASEAN, SIG Global, as a franchiser, provides the powerful platform and invite our partners, as franchisees, to further customization based on local busines practices.

Success is Ours!

Global Solution franchise

SIG Global Pte. Ltd. tries to franchise the ICT platform for retailers & restaurants to companies in ASEAN region.
The ICT platform has developed by GulfNet, as the ICT powerhouse in Japan. It is the most advanced ICT platform for retailers & restaurants, based on its successful experience for more than two decades in Japan.
It contains many subsystems: attendance management with shift scheduling, biometric authentication, sales management with advanced BI analytics, stock management with EDI, instruction management with auto-summary of stores' replies, etc. SIG Global Pte. Ltd. can also provide network, data center, 24 / 365 service desk, etc.
That means SIG Global Pte. Ltd. can provide full functions for the ICT activities and the management of many stores by one headquarter.
SIG Global Pte. Ltd. will franchise it to companies that want to provide it in ASEAN companies. SIG Global Pte. Ltd. can also localize it to match the special needs of each country. The good example is the Mobile Marketing Platform for Sales & Marketing in Thailand.

Global Solution franchise

company structure

Twenty years ago in Japan, GulfNet Co., Ltd. started ICT business for restaurants & retailers. It provides secure enterprise network, groupware, chain store management system, and 24 / 365 service desk so that it can provide full ICT functions for restaurants and retailers at once. Many big companies such Izakaya, apparel, retail, etc. are its customers.
GulfNet Co., Ltd. plans to expand its business in ASEAN region. As the holding company, SIG Global Pte. Ltd. has been established in Singapore to manage subsidiaries in ASEAN region. It manages now GulfNet Co., Ltd. (in Japan), GulfNet Singapore Pte. Ltd., GulfNet (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Otaru Dining Co., Ltd.


  • GulfNet Co., Ltd.

  • GulfNet Singapore Pte. Ltd.

  • GulfNet (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

  • Otaru Dining Co., Ltd.

company profile

  • Company Name SIG Global Pte. Ltd.
  • Founded October 2015
  • Capital SGD 1.0M
  • Address 1 Raffles Place #20-01A, One Raffles Place,
    Singapore 048616, Singapore
  • Telephone +65-6532-4414
  • Facsimile +65-6532-4464
  • Business Holding GulfNet Co., Ltd., GulfNet Singapore Pte. Ltd., GulfNet (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Otaru Dining Co., Ltd.

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